About us:

IranChoob; Wood, Metal and Electronic Industries Complex (PJS):

In 2015 IranChoob was purchased by IRAN HOUSING & PROPERTY HOLDING Company (PJS) and has been effectively working in giving consultation, designing and implementation in different fields such as decorative equipment of conference, cinema and convention halls, professional audio-visionand lighting, manufacturing of all types of doors, cabinets, counters and office furniture to governmental and nongovernmental organizations and companies. IranChoob is ready to offer the best services with the best quality based on the clients’ needs.

Fields of activity:

-          Consultation services

-          Inspection, designing and specialized technical calculations of the projects based on clients’ needs

-          Having briefing sessions with the clients about the designs and presenting operational maps and timetables

-          Constant supervision on implementation in smallest details

-          After sale services and periodical inspection of the projects

Technical services:

-          Using DMax3, Vray, Photoshop, Keyshop, Rhino, etc. for interior designing

-          Using AutoCAD for designing implementation maps and second phases

-          Specialized calculations for general paging systems

-          Using E PLAN for designing electrical panels

-          Using MICRO LUX & DIA LUX for designing specialized lighting

-          Specialized calculating of cameras

-          Specialized calculating of fire alarm systems

-          Specialized calculating of audio vison systems

Specialized services:

-          Consultation, designing and implementation of conference, theater, cinema, monitoring, etc. halls

-          Consultation, designing and producing decorative and chairs for amphitheaters and manufacturing office furniture in different types ( convention, amphitheaters, educational and official)

-          Consultation, designing and implementation of studio audio video systems

-          Consultation, designing and implementation of paging and closed-circuit television cameras

-          Consultation, designing and implementation of professional tele-conference systems

-          Consultation, designing and implementation of public and private lighting systems

-          Consultation, designing and implementation of traffic control equipments