Intermediapost Recording Studio

Audio- Vision Engineering Technical Department:

  • Full professional designing and implementation of congress, amphitheater, cinema, mosques, conference, and reception halls.
  • Engineering technical implementation of the most exclusive and unique audio-video projects.
  •  Professional designing, decoration and implementation of monitoring rooms.
  • Designing, equipping and implementation of city control rooms such as traffic department,Seismography and crisis management departments.
  •  Monitoring for congress, conference, cinema and other types of halls.
  • Designing to implementation of online video conferences.
  • Designing, equipping and implementation ofbroadcasting halls and stereos.
  •  Designing and implementation of professional satellite equipment.
  • Designing, equipping and implementation of TV stereos and amphitheater halls.
  • Super professional illuminating and lighting compatible with special designs and based on customer’s orders.