Goldair Commercial

Commercial Department:

  • It is comprised of two sections; domestic and international commercial departments.
  • Including experienced managers and experts in domestic contracts and coordination for administration of protocols and domestic and foreign contracts.
  • Analyzing the needs declared by the R & D department and the factory management for supplying raw materials, machineries and parts needed for new products manufacture or updating them from foreign sources.
  • Consistent participation with other units such as financial, company relations, R & D, factory, etc. for fulfilling the order, concluding new contracts and supplying new needed machineries from domestic or foreign markets.
  • Monitoring the market, customers and doing the related inspections in order to giving needed services and follow their needs up until the conclusion of the contracts and completion of the manufacturing process.
  • Analyzing foreign market particularly countries in CIS region, Africa,countries around Persian Gulf, etc. for expanding the exports of Iranchoob products in order to strengthen our economy.