A word from the CEO

With God’s grace, firm purpose, effective management and the benefits of having the most specialized experts with the highest experience in this field, we have achieved the great success of “the best products with the highest quality”.

Thanks to our beneficiaries, we are aware of the fact that understanding our customers is paramount to innovation and giving our customers products and services that make an impact and satisfy their needs so our goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

We, as the Iranchoob team believe that to keep up with the progress in world technology of industrial productions we should continually keep our movements towards unique, safe and economical products with optimizing energy efficiency.

Although it’s been years that all around Iran, there are many different active groups in wood, metal and electronic industries, in Iranchoob we have achieved being the first in Iran by gathering a combination of the most professional technical-engineering specialized experts.

Iranchoob has finished and delivered many unique projects to turning the idea of having remarkable national products into reality in this region.  

Ahmad Nazari

CEO and Chairman of the board